Torque Wind Turbine will compete this year in the annual innovation competition of Accenture Innovation Awards. This competition from Accenture is for our company an exquisite opportunity to gather worldwide more attention from potential customers and investors for the innovative Torque Wind Turbine.

The description: The Torque® - small wind turbine with maximum return at lower height

The Torque is a small, modular build, vertical wind turbine of the newest generation, with countless advantages. Due to the sophisticated and patented design the Torque is the best working small wind turbine under all wind circumstances. The dynamic blade system optimizes the conversion of wind energy while moving with the wind direction and minimizes at the same time the loss of energy while moving against the wind. Because of this the wind turbine is very efficient in the conversion of wind energy to electricity, also during the frequent wind direction and wind speed changes at lower height. Already at low wind speed the drag and lift forces enable the turbine to produce electricity and even during a storm with strong wind gusts the Torque can supply useful electricity without to bolt.

The Torque does, due to its relatively low height, hardly disturb the landscape scene, burden neighbors with long moving shadows and makes thanks to the design also nearly no noise. On top of that it was designed to be at least 10 years maintenance free. The Torque is just doing what a wind turbine should do: produce as cheap as possible a lot of clean energy.

With these advantages the Torque is a perfect solution for use in dense populated regions, on islands and near villages with a valuable natural landscape. Also for agriculture applications and use on cell and light poles alongside highways the Torque is due to its height and limited noise extremely suitable.

Support us at this innovation competition by voting on the Torque. Forward this message to friends, colleagues and business partners who might be interested in the Torque and would like to give us their vote.

Link to the webpage of the Torque Wind Turbine on the Accenture Innovation Awards website: