On august 10 the patent with a very innovative design feature for the Torque Wind Turbine was published. WO2017/134145. The Torque wind turbine performance increases with over 20% and the figures out of the test are very promising and very competitive compared to other wind turbine designs.

Max Power coefficient (Cp) ~0.4 | max Drag coefficient (Cd) ~2.5 | max Tip wing - wind speed ratio ~4

The self-starting power improves and the drag and lift forces during higher revolutions are also better used.

To give more information about the Torque and the applications several documents are available:

Torque Wind Turbine Agriculture farm Opportunity white paper

Application in agriculture sector which is interesting for modern farms and also for agriculture farms and villages in developing countries. Next to electricity, high speed internet and mobile communication can be made possible.

Torque Wind Turbine Smart Road Tower white paper (application alongside roads)

Here the vision with application for electric vehicles is described: imagine 100 thousand wind turbine towers alongside highways in a country equipped with a perfectly suitable 5 kilowatt Torque Wind Turbines that produce the electricity for all kind of devices in and connected to the tower: the streetlights, 5G telecommunication devices to enable connected cars vehicle to grid communication, electric vehicle inductive charging while driving system in the road, a road and traffic observation system to improve safe and fast driving of autonomous vehicles, the tower micro smart grid power system managed by an intelligent Internet of Things control system, and all these 100 thousand smart Torque Wind Turbine towers alongside the roads connected via a battery storage blockchain network.

Torque Wind Turbine Technology white paper

In this document a description of how the Torque Wind Turbine can be build is described. The construction and design of the components and systems and all focused on mass production to make sure the production costs are very low and at the same time they have a live time of 20 years. Technologies out of the automotive part production and composite plastic molding industry are the benchmark.

Torque Wind Turbine Working principles overview

The Torque Wind Turbine is a new design wind turbine, were even todays wind turbine experts have no knowledge about how exactly the Torque works. This document gives a very detailed explanation of the working principles of the construction and each designed part.

The potential application areas worldwide where there is wind are showing the enormous potential:

  •  Companies in the agriculture sector/ modern farms who have a lot of space     25 million pcs.
  • Alongside highways for autonomous and inductive charging while driving        100 million pcs.
  • Companies with big own parking places                                                                        5 million pcs.
  • House on country side with big garden/ Farm houses                                              10 million pcs.
  • Alongside roads near industry parks and around villages and cities                    100 million pcs.
  • Earth’s 175,000 islands home to more than 600 million inhabitants                      60 million pcs.
  • Rural villages in developing countries                                                                             x million pcs.

The next steps in this project are the testing and demonstration of a professional near production design prototype. The design and materials in line with the production model and the electronic control mechanism with the features as the production model. The financial means for these steps must be found and since there are so many rich companies and wealthy people on this planet something not to worry about! Unfortunately we did not yet meet the right company or person, but we are sure and have confidence that there must be some potentials out there somewhere who want to help and support us.

Development and investment Plan                                                                                               Financial budget


  • TRL5.0 - Build 1 wing arm out of carbon fiber and high end plastic materials                         30 000 Euro
  • TRL5.1 - Build central axle wing arm holder for 3 wing arms out of steel                                 15 000 Euro
  • TRL5.2 - Integrate electronic control with swash rail system to central axle holder               15 000 Euro
  • TRL5.3 - Build 1 layer with 3 wing arms included control systems on mobile platform         60 000 Euro
  • TRL6.0 - Build 4 layers with 3 wing arms included control system on mobile platform      200 000 Euro

Testing and demonstration

  • TRL7.0 - Field test and demonstrations                                                                                           20 000 Euro
  • TRL7.1 - Wind tunnel prototype testing                                                                                         100 000 Euro


  • TRL8.0 - Design first sales model with all required features for targeted market                500 000 Euro
  • TRL8.1 - Build first sales model and install on tower for field test                                           100 000 Euro
  • TRL8.2 - Pre-certification of parts, electronics, performance, functionality                           100 000 Euro
  • TRL8.3 - Certification of first sales model                                                                                     200 000 Euro


  • TRL9.0 – 10pcs 0-series: part production test, assembly line test, installer documents      500 000 Euro

(TRL = Technology Readiness Level NASA scheme)

Options for investors

Finding investors is not easy since many people have no knowledge about machines and in special not when you are talking about a wind energy converting machine. Many other small wind turbine designs have proven to be not working successful outside the test wind tunnel. The Torque is although designed to work very effectively in the circumstance outdoor; the constant changing wind direction and constant changing wind speeds. We will proof outdoor that is works well and organize the scientific proof in the wind tunnel.

There are three options for investors! First is an investor that provides the financial means and we will build with our team the prototypes together with aligned parts manufacturers, the second option is that the patents are sold to an investor/ company and they use the information in the documents mentioned before and they build the prototypes and production models themselves, or third, I start working for a company that wants to realize the Torque wind turbine project and the project is realized with their team of experts.

We would like to see the world to use more renewable clean energy so people can breathe cleaner air in cities and on the country side, we want to see islands were electricity is expensive and coming from dirty diesel generators to switch to cheap clean wind electricity, we want farmers to have stable and low electricity prices, we want third world countries habitants in rural regions to have access to electricity, high speed internet and mobile communication, we want to see the use of electric vehicles boom by inductive charging while driving and we would like to see a future with affordable autonomous transport shuttles for people and goods to be able to drive safely and fast on streets and hope that the autonomous people transport shuttles will reduce congestion problems in dense populated regions.

Maybe there are companies and people with equal goals and we could work together.

We have a favor to ask; please help and support the Torque Wind Turbine project by forwarding or publishing this message to your contacts and this way spread the word that we are looking for an investor, buyer or partner.

Many thanks for your help, support, suggestions and reaction.