Monday, March 16th, 2015

EINDHOVEN - Torque Wind Turbine presents a video where viewers can see the wind turbine rotating. It is a wind turbine that not only looks completely different than the wind turbines we are used to, it also works in a different way.

It is a very dynamic and intelligent wind turbine that can work in nearly all circumstance from low wind speeds up to high storm wind speeds. It uses wind energy although the wind direction changes all the time and there are wind gusts, with the result that it converts a lot of wind energy to generate electricity.

Video online

On the Torque Wind Turbine website the video can be found, which shows how the scale model works with wind coming from different directions.

How does the Torque Wind Turbine work

The video shows that the Torque Wind Turbine has several wing arms with on each wing arm multiple blades at the top and down side. Inside the central tube, where the wing arms are fixed too, there is a control mechanism that closes the blades at any position. Shown is that when the wing arm is going towards the direction of the wind, the blades have a closed position and the wing arm has nearly no resistance. The closed position of the blades is hold for about 180 degrees and then the mechanism releases the force to keep the blades closed. The gravity and wind force open the blades and when they have reached their maximum opening gap, they will use the wind force to make the wind turbine rotate and drive the generator to produce electricity.

A big advantage is the wind turbine control mechanism which easily follows the working mode settings and automatically determines where the wing arm blades are closed and can open. If there are low and normal wind speeds and the maximum output is wanted, the blades can open as soon as they are starting to go with the wind. If the wind turbine is put in a non-production mode, the wing arm blades are closed as soon as they are going with the wind and could open as soon as they are going towards the wind. This will not happen because the wind will close the blades causing the wind turbine to stand still. In between these two, it is possible to control the point where the blades can open to be able to control stepless the generator output from maximum 100% to 0%. Even during a storm with high wind speeds and resulting high wind pressure, were the wind energy can easily be a tenfold compared to low wind speeds, 100% of the generator capacity can be used by controlling the opening point of the blades. P.a. the blades can open at 130 degrees going with the wind direction, using only a very small working area of the wind turbine that it is still enough for the maximum generator performance.

Measuring the wind speed, the grid capacity level, the generator power output and temperature, the wind turbine rotating speed and vibrations, and many more data, makes it possible to automatically control the wind turbine output depending on the settings. Charging the grid when there is overcapacity can be prevented, too long overload of the generator can be prevented and high damage due to errors in the system and components can be prevented.

Several very innovative features inside the Torque Wind Turbine make this wind turbine very effective; there is nearly no negative wind force effect, the closing and opening of the blades is well balanced, the maximum possible power output at any wind speed is under control and several sensors can prevent damage of the wind turbine.