The electricity for charging electric and hybrid cars can be done at many places, at home, the company, the supermarket, the parking lot. How and where the electricity is produced doesn’t matter for the battery. It might matter for the air pollution when it is produced in coal power plants and it will become an issue when there are hundreds of thousands of these cars driving on the streets. Clean electricity from local or regional solar and wind parks would be best for the air pollution and for the capacity of the high and middle voltage electricity grid. With local solar and wind electricity production there is no need for additional capacity in the high and middle Voltage network which saves the governments money. Only the local grid must be improved which can be done by local companies and local workers.

Ultimately we hope that the Torque Wind Turbine alongside roads will be used for charging of electric and hybrid cars on parking lots (with cable and inductive charging) and also for charging while driving on the road with inductive charging systems. Producing the electricity next to the road where the cars drive and are charging will need an electricity network next and in the roads. To realize this it will cost a lot of money, but it will save the investments in charging points on every parking lot, and can increase air quality with clean electricity production around villages and cities near the users next to the road.