In the near future all new cars in the EU must have an “E-call” (Emergency call system) which automatically via a GSM network contacts the nearest emergency agency when an accident happened.

Already now drivers and passengers want to have good GSM connection to make calls, use their smart phone for messages and using social media. Many applications work in the “Cloud” and business people want to have a stable and secure connection with their “Cloud server” for emails and documents.

When autonomous driving cars come on to the roads, these vehicles need accurate data and information to make each travel a safe experience. Also when there is heavy rainfall, hail or snow the systems in the autonomous driving car needs new data to warn the driver or to react instantly on weather changes or road traffic situations.

A very dense, high quality, secure and stable GSM network is required to make this happen. The Torque Wind Turbine alongside roads can be equipped with GSM equipment and even LED street lights or other applications to inform the drivers about the traffic and weather situation.