Why is the Torque Wind Turbine having a high annual output?

The Torque Wind Turbine reaches a high starting torque immediately at very low wind speeds. It produces a lot of energy from low wind speeds, and reacts instantly on wind gusts and wind direction changes. The output starts at 2 Beaufort, continues all the way through to high wind speeds with smooth balanced rotation. Energy [...]

Why is 5 m/s (meter per second) average wind speed mentioned?

In some information a 5 m/s average wind speed per year is mentioned. This is to help calculate the annual output and for the interested buyers to make an assumption on how much the wind turbine will produce in their situation.

What is the payback time?

The payback time depends on wind activity, current cost for electricity, and if a comparable example, lower costs when compared to public grid electricity and natural gas network connection costs. The total cost estimate for the Torque Wind Turbine should include shipment, groundwork, permit, installation, which varies by country and localities.

The price per Kilowatt-hour output [...]

What is the power range?

The expected power range will be from a 3 to 100 kilowatt generator. The generator can be developed and tuned to any application. The proven track record of the generator and all parts in the wind turbine are designed to be maintenance free and a 20 year life expectancy.

What is the size of the wind turbine?

The Torque Wind Turbine is available in a wide range of sizes and capacities to meet the requirements of the customer. Very low wind speed regions may need a bigger turbine with a less powerful generator compared to the normal 3 Beaufort average, where high wind speed regions can apply a smaller or lower wind [...]

What is the height of the turbines?

The Torque Wind Turbine can have any height required for optimum performance. It can be designed to the height of the tallest trees in the installation location so the sight obstruction might not be an issue, nor would it than be necessary to have continuously blinking beacons and are shadows no different than that of [...]

How much noise does the turbine make?

The noise is a positive issue of the Torque Wind Turbine as it is very low and enjoying a good night rest is not in danger.

Which groundwork needs to be done?

The groundwork advice is to apply a tube pile foundation which enables to work quickly, efficiently and with environmental awareness. In just a few hours with high frequency vibration a foundation tube can be driven into the ground, on which the column can be installed.

Who can do the hardware installation?

The complete wind turbine is like a plug and play concept and with basic training a professional mechanic can assembly the wind turbine. To be able to do this they need a strong person/ part lift, and maybe a crane to move the parts to the required height. The installation time and costs are much [...]

Who can do the electric installation?

The big advantage of the design is height flexibility that allows common maintenance to be done via 10 to 40 meter lifts as a service platform. The generator and control unit are at the lower height around 8 to 10 meters. With a basic training a professional electrician can connect the electric units and electronica [...]