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2- Choose application area

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3- Model size

Calculate your energy consumption in kWh/y

4- Model type

Select your preferred model size and number of wind turbines you are interested in(drop box selection) (this information is helpful for knowing your needs so the program development for the most wanted model can begin first and successfully be expanded with other models)

5- Find the average wind speed at your wind turbine location
• Find a reference; p.a. the nearest official weather station with historical wind data (p.a. an airport)
• Find your best location for the wind turbine with enough open space
• Measure and collect the data at your wind turbine location spot on 10 meter height, the thru wind speed and time period
• Compare your thru wind speed data over a longer period with the official wind data
• Result: p.a. your wind speed from the East is 0.25 m/s lower at 5m/s, as period in minutes, the wind is blowing at a certain wind speed, is the same
• Calculate your difference factor; Which percentage is it? P.a. -5% wind speed with time difference is 0%
• Calculate your annual available average wind energy with the difference factor based on the historical wind data from the official weather station
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