Torque Wind Turbine needs Investors to make the next steps

On august 10 the patent with a very innovative design feature for the Torque Wind Turbine was published. WO2017/134145. The Torque wind turbine performance increases with over 20% and the figures out of the test are very promising and very competitive compared to other wind turbine designs.

Max Power coefficient (Cp) ~0.4 | max Drag coefficient (Cd) [...]

Torque in Accenture Innovation Awards Competition

Torque Wind Turbine will compete this year in the annual innovation competition of Accenture Innovation Awards. This competition from Accenture is for our company an exquisite opportunity to gather worldwide more attention from potential customers and investors for the innovative Torque Wind Turbine.
The description: The Torque® - small wind turbine with maximum return at lower height
The [...]